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We have ready spare parts in a big warehouse for you, existently mainly from genuine parts, but also from parts of reproduction. Besides, we put high graduations to reproduce parts. These have to be considered with us only one chance if they correspond in the quality at least to the original. Some of these products are better than the original.

If you have access to the original order numbers, it is the best way to order your spare parts with it. But of course are also suited pictures or drawings which you send us by email, fax or post.

For the most often demanded assemblies we offer the lists of the spare parts which you are able to download as a pdf-file. These catalogues are updated regularly for you and are extended. These spare parts performed there are only a small part of the whole warehouse assortment. Spare parts you can´t find there, you can ask for it separately, because it is almost impossible to include the thousands of stored items in these lists.

All prices are incl. VAT, plus shipping. The shipping charges you see here: Shipping charges



type across

Serviceteile - Service parts.pdf (3,7 MB)

Kupplung - Clutch.pdf (2,8 MB)

Lenkung - Steering.pdf (907,8 kB)

Dichtungen - gaskets.pdf (1,3 MB)

Kühlung,Heizung - Cooling, Heating.pdf (1,8 MB)

Normteile - Screws and fastenings.pdf (83,5 kB)


Front engine models up to 1964 ( including Octavia Combi, 1202 )

Bremse- Brake(F).pdf (2,4 MB)

Gummi - Rubber (F).pdf (846,4 kB)

Motorteile(F) - Engine parts(F).pdf (1,2 MB)

Getriebeteile, Gear box parts (F).pdf (285,3 kB)

Hinterachsteile, Rear axle parts (F).pdf (525,3 kB)

Vorderachsteile, Front axle parts (F).pdf (584,9 kB)

Karosserieteile - Body parts(F).pdf (658 kB)

Zierteile, Decorative parts.pdf (1,2 MB)


Rear engine models from 1964

Bremse- Brake(H).pdf (3,5 MB)

Gummi - Rubber (H).pdf (1,8 MB)

Motorteile(H) - Engine parts(H).pdf (1,6 MB)

Vorderachsteile, Front axle parts (H).pdf (751,6 kB)

Hinterachsteile, Rear axle parts (H).pdf (782,4 kB)

S 110 R Karosserie - Body.pdf (2,8 MB)




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